main specifications

For the best results, please deliver your material at the highest wordlength available without dither and at the sampling-rate you were mixing it in. 24- or 32-bit are highly recommended – even if the original tracks are in 16-bit.

Don’t sample-rate-convert after mixing. If you are able to record and mix at 96k (or higher) in the first place, that will help making a high quality final master.

All established file formats are possible (preferably .aif or .wav) – best in interleaved stereo. If you feel uncertain about your format, don’t hesitate to ask.

If you want to upload your files via our ftp or any other service, please .zip the files. That assures that we receive exactly the data you sent.

CDR or DVDR: cut your discs NOT at the maximum speed of the writer. 16x maximum should be best.

If for any reason you can only provide 16-bit mixes and want to send your music on CDA, please use the „disc-at-once“ mode for writing and try to go for a lower speed (8x or below) for less errors on the disc. In this case, you may dither your files when bouncing (use a „pow-r“-dither if available) – because truncation will result in worse sound. But be aware that dither is not the cure for 16-bit mixes. The noise added is not totally inaudible and will possibly accumulate in later processing. To my knowledge any current decent DAW is capable of at least 24-bit. So you should go for that.


Please leave at least 1 second of space in each file before the program material begins and after it ends (start your bounce or recording early and keep it running after the song ends). This may be very valuable for either analyzing the noise in your signal chain or just to fade out smoothly. Therefore please do not include musical fadeouts. Any fadeouts needed should be conveyed to me via e-mail.

Avoid using Limiters or Buss Compressors on your final stereo mix. If you want to hear it „louder“ just turn up the volume! The final master will sound way better (and potentially louder) in 99% of all cases without any buss processors on the material prior to mastering.

Leave Headroom to prevent your system from overloading! When recording the 24-bit mix, leave at least 6 dB of headroom. The quality of your sound will benefit greatly from it. Digital clipping is irreversible!

Please label your media and name your files clearly (Tracknumber, Artist, Trackname). Include information about your desired pause times, Label, Cat.-No., Tracklengths and if requested the UPC/EAN and/or ISRCs to encode.