vinyl restoration/remastering

If you are looking for a solution to either conserve the original sound of your vinyl records, get a digitally restored and improved copy or would like a fully remastered version on any medium for reissuing of a previous release from your catalogue – don’t look any further!

We customized a Technics 1210 MK2 with hi-end Ortofon Pure Copper Hybrid Twin Core audio cables (6.7N – AC 50) and upgraded the original wiring in the tone arm using a pure silver conductor. With a selection of different stylusses and a few pickup-systems (in both MM or MC technique) we can always get the most out of your vinyl record.

After converting the signal to 24-bit/96 kHz digital audio (with our hi-end converters and handmade wiring) further processing depends on the desired output and medium. From first class de-noising, de-clicking, de-crackling, de-scratching, de-clipping, hum- and buzz removal to spectral repair – everything is possible. With our experience in manual restoration, even very complicated noise without a matching algorithm can be eliminated.


If you choose to get your record fully remastered you will be amazed by the improvements concerning the overall sound (especially transparency, clarity, ambience, depth and the low frequency range) that our processing will establish – yet conserving the analog warmth of the original vinyl pressing.

All audio connections between record player, preamp, monitoring and A/D converters are via Ortofon Pure Copper Hybrid Twin Core audio cables (6.7N – AC 50) with gold plated plugs.

So don’t let the sound of your records get lost with time – preserve it now!