“I have nothing but words of praise for Andreas’s abilities and intelligence.

In fact, Andreas is one of only a handful of engineers who have assisted me who I can say has a thorough understanding of how all this equipment works and is put together, and ALSO how to use it to get the best sound.

Consequently, I can highly recommend Andreas Schoenrock to anyone who wishes to have audio mastered or processed, he’s passed my highest test.” – BOB KATZ

Studio Schoenrock offers premium mastering services for your audio-production. Depending on the nature and style of your project, as well as your idea of the final sound, we will take your mixes to the next level, facilitating vinyl, CD, DVD, download audio, soundtrack or gaming to fully satisfy your musical concept.

We will treat each of your tunes individually but in context to the whole project and under the proposition of getting a supreme „all of a piece“ sound for your product. Technically this may include equalization, dynamic processing, stereo imaging and depth processing, M/S-treatment, tonalization, restauration, optimized analog tape saturation/head emulation and naturally automation of all mastering processes necessary.

Whether you are going for a warm, harmonically enhanced analog sound or for fully transparent digital – we can provide the best of both worlds. High class monitoring, short and hardwired cabling plus the customized setup of both our equipment and signal chain ensure the audiophile quality of your master.

For further information about our mastering services and to avoid additional studio time, please read our specs before sending in your files!

To up- or download your files go to our delivery section and login to your account (contact us info@studio-schoenrock.de to get your login information). Please .zip your files before uploading.