Andreas Schoenrock is a man with golden ears. The Berlin based audio engineer, producer and musicologist knows how to process, mix and master any type of sound into fabulous sounding music. No matter if the source material is lo quality favela funk, high end recorded live jazz, hot club music or funk from the 70’s – Andreas Schoenrock knows how to make the best out of music.

Born in 1978, he started his musical career DJing in 1994. Soon he visited the School of Audio Engineering in Cologne where he made his first diploma. Remixing Bugge Wesseltoft´s „Eve Nin“ for Universal records in 1999, teaming up with Felix Haaksman, was his first step into producing. After freelancing as an audio engineer and DJ in Cologne he moved to Berlin in 2003 to study communications, technical acoustics and musicology at both the Technical University and the Humbold University. His majors being psychoacustics and popular music analysis he graduated with honors. The master’s thesis on musical perception and the underlying song architecture, „Musikalische Qualitaeten“ (Musical Qualities) discusses the relationship of technical and musical structures in musical pieces and the corresponding associations.
Prof. Dr. Peter Wicke (Humboldt University) being his doctoral supervisor, Andreas currently works on his dissertation about the interrelation of popular music (culture) and audio branding. Consequently he is operating with agencies and corporations to get the best out of acoustical communication – providing musicological analyses of brands and creating guidelines for the maximum effect of musical content in an advertising environment.

Parallel to his studies in 2006 Andreas started studio schoenrock, offering mastering, mixing and production in Berlin. Besides mastering all releases for MAN Recordings, working for the german Guggenheim Foundation and Hugo Boss, he has put his hands on the work of such fabulous artists as Jose „Mongo“ Santamaria, The Mamas and Papas, Joe Bataan, Amp Fiddler and many others – also elaborating the sound for international players Lovemonk (Madrid) and Bastard Jazz (New York) to name a few. Covering all genres and musical styles studio schoenrock mastering provides either dynamic and breathing masters or strong and dense club sound – still focussing on great sounding vinyl records.

In winter 2007-2008 Andreas interned at Florida´s Digital Domain studio, collaborating with mastering icon Bob Katz, exchanging and discovering new techniques and insights for better sounding recordings in the 21st century.