audio consulting

Musical content is capable of portraying and triggering a wide variety of human emotions. It provides a transparent screen reflecting desires and sociosentimental values of the moment. Besides being able to evoke feelings on a deep level, music is a tool for personalization and individualization. Therefore it is predestinated to transport emotional information of any kind and to sentimentally attach people to any positively charged object (e.g. a corporation, brand or product).

Using the latest scientific insights in popular musicology as well as our own research results, we establish a product or brand acoustically. The identity and values of any object are being transcribed into musical qualities by using our specifically developed quality matrix. This tool allows the lucid exposition of the relationship of object-characteristics and musical qualities. It is furthermore contributing to popular musicology and research by setting new standards for the transformation of values and identities into sound.

My long lasting experience in the music industry as a dj, producer, composer and audio engineer in symbiosis with the scientific and theoretical background allows me to set up the right musical spectrum for any given corporation, brand or product.

In cooperation with HearDis! we create the scientifical background and practical implementation of their Sound Manual®. It is a convenient tool and guideline for how to use which music in what content.

In 2013 we finished the Sound Manual® for Migros – the biggest advertiser in Switzerland. It is the conceptional base for all Audio Branding activities of the umbrella brand and provides guidelines for musical, technical and global parameters of musical content in TV spots.

The following examples successfully implement the specifications of the Migros Sound Manual®:


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