For best results, please deliver your material at the highest wordlength available without dither and at the sampling rate you were recording it in. Recording at 24- or 32-bit is highly recommended. Don’t sample-rate-convert afterwards. If you are able to record at 96k (or higher) the final mix will benefit from that!

All established file formats are welcome (preferably .aif or .wav). Depending on the nature of the instrument and/or recording technique please deliver mono tracks or interleaved stereo files. If you feel uncertain about your format, don’t hesitate to ask for compatibility.

If you want to upload your files via our ftp (link hier zur up-download area) or any other service, please .zip the files. That assures that we receive exactly the data you sent.

Make sure the individual tracks start at exactly the same position!

Provide information on artistic effects you want to be added to certain instruments (e.g. Flanger, Chorus, Delay, Distortion etc.).

Please provide all necessary musical information regarding the songs (e.g. BPM, time signature and so on).

Please leave at least 1 second of space in each file before the program material begins and after it ends (start your bounce or recording early and keep it running after the song ends). This may be very valuable for either analyzing the noise in your signal chain or just to fade out smoothly.

Leave Headroom to prevent your system from overloading! When recording to 24-bit, leave at least 6 dB of headroom. The quality of the mix will benefit from not overloading. Digital clipping is irreversible!

Please specify your media and name your files clearly (instrument name, mono or stereo, sample-rate and so on).