While technical progress nowadays makes it possible for everybody to record and produce music at a technically high level of quality the skills of mixing down a large number of tracks to a stereo song don’t come along with the equipment. Mixing abilities like adjusting the ratio, threshold as well as the attack and release times of a compressor to get a certain sound out of an instrument or voice are not to be found in a Plug-In Preset. Frequency-selective mixing and keeping the overview of giving all instruments their own space in the stereo image while providing the „glue“ to make it sound like a piece of music are abilities needed to get the mix right.

Our mixing capabilities are based on a long experience in mixing a wide variety of musical styles and therefore provide all of the above. We can furthermore create mixes with a balanced and accurate low frequency range (bass and kick drum separation), crystal clear vocals, stereo depth and dimensionality, punch (transients), dynamics and transparency.

No matter if you need a stereo mix for digital or analog audio media, movies, TV, advertising or any other audiovisual output – whatever your desires for your mix may be, we will get it right!

The mastering process and quality of the final master are always dependant on the mix. You cannot get a high class master from an average mix!

For further information about our mixing services and to avoid additional studio time, please read our specs before sending in your files!

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